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Inspired By Life

I'm Margaret Stermer-Cox and my inspiration comes from just living. I see ideas for a painting all around me. My biggest problem is selecting the right idea out of the many. I hope to continue doing just that for the rest of my life.

512 - Arms Wide Open

Abstract Acrylic

This piece is acrylic, Arms Wide Open is one of my latest pieces.

Recent Artworks

These are the most recent paintings.  Sometimes everything I'm doing interferes with my ability to produce as much as I'd like.  Reducing my work load, improving my time management should help in bringing a regular rotation of new paintings.  But then, I've been saying that for years...

513 - Secret Garden

Abstract Artwork

Of all the media and styles, I favor watercolor artwork the most.  But, that doesn't stop me from following other roads.

2012 Grizzly

My Story

My story started back when I was around five or six, when I took interest in drawing and painting. No wonder, since I grew up in an art orientated family. That's me, on top of Grizzly Mt. in Ashland, Oregon, with Mt. Shasta (left) in California in the distant left.

I gained a lot of inspiration from the beauty of Utah. A three month stay at Bryce Canyon National Park, led to a series of drawings and paintings of the incredible Hoodoos.  The background photo is Thor - a hoodoo on the Navaho Trail in  Bryce Canyon in 2006.

Margaret Stermer-Cox

Juried Shows and Exhibitions

I have been fortunate to have been accepted into various shows over the years. And I am also fortunate and pleased to have been honored with several awards. These are a few of those paintings:

All Painting
WSO Spring Experimental Exhibition 2023
Spiral Gyre #2 (Award of Merit)
Three Minute Egg V11
Montana WS 2020 Members Show - 3rd 2018 WSO Spring Exhibition - 4th

Three Minute Egg V11​

Irish Breakfast Tea 2
2019 Rogue Gallery & Art Center​

Irish Breakfast Tea 2 (Best of Show)​

I Can't Hear You (Award of Distinction)​
2014 WSO Fall Transparent Exhibition

I Can't Hear You (Award of Distinction)​

Peggy painting1024x1024

Le Blog

Be sure to check out my Portfolio! You can see all of my available paintings!  After that, I invite you to join me over on my blog.  I discuss art in general, my art, my fathers' art and any other art topic that comes up.  Click on "Le Blog" below and come on over! (Takes you to a new window.)

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