2011 Watercolor Paintings

  • 303 - Big Shade, Hot Afternoon, $250 (Watercolor, 8" x 11")

    303 – Big Shade, Hot Afternoon, $250 (Watercolor, 8″ x 11″)
    Afternoon heat and autumn color are what this painting is about. This particular painting is one of several done of the same subject. I’m exploring how color influences the “story” of a painting. This one is warm color dominant (orange and yellow) reminding me of autumn.

  • 301 - Alder Leaves, $175 (Watercolor, 9.5" x 7")

    301 – Alder Leaves, $175 (Watercolor, 9.5″ x 7″)
    I live in an area of the country that has lots of alder trees. They have wonderful, interesting shaped leaves. One day I did a small sketch of some of the neighborhood trees, inspiring this small painting.

  • 300 - Big Shade in Blue, $250 (Watercolor, 8" x 11")

    300 – Big Shade in Blue, $250 (Watercolor, 8″ x 11″)
    Sometimes I do multiple versions of the same design in order to explore meaning. In this version of an RV park, I wanted cool colors (blues) to dominate. The cool colors create a feeling of a quiet place in late fall.

  • 299 - MsKitty & Toy Pony in Corporate Ladder Land V2, $850 (Watercolor, 21.5" x 29.5")

    299 – MsKitty & Toy Pony in Corporate Ladder Land V2, $850 (Watercolor, 21.5″ x 29.5″)
    “MsKitty and Toy Pony” are lost in the chaos of corporate ladder land; they’re not really the executive type. Meaning? Sometimes the world can be a strange, bizarre place. Meaning #2: drawing and painting can be great fun! MsKitty and Toy Pony are traveling companions, wandering through mysterious and exotic places.

  • 298 - Watercolor on Arches 140lb Cold Press Paper, $650 (Watercolor, 19" x 13")

    298 – Watercolor on Arches 140lb Cold Press Paper, $650 (Watercolor, 19″ x 13″)
    Sometimes inspiration comes from funny places. One day, when painting a “MsKitty and Toy Pony” painting, I saw a small shape that interested me. I decided to use the shape as a basis for an abstract design. And, with abstract design, I never know exactly where I’ll go. In the end, it looks like I have a “beacon” for the mushroom people in a land of grids and waves.

  • 297 - Feathery Leaves, v2, $650 (Watercolor, 14" x 21")

    297 – Feathery Leaves, v2, $650 (Watercolor, 14″ x 21″)
    To create this pile of “feathery” leaves, I used a negative painting technique. It’s great fun; starting from the lightest shape, I paint around or behind it. With each subsequent leaf, I layer more color behind the subject. The painting becomes almost a record of the layers of paint. The result in this case is rich color that reminds me of late autumn.

  • 296 - Toy Pony, $650 (Watercolor, 21" x 13.5")

    296 – Toy Pony, $650 (Watercolor, 21″ x 13.5″)
    “Toy Pony” was a fun experiment in shape and texture. I want to show a lively young pony. I used some of my favorite devises, big shapes, line and texture.

  • 295 - Still Life with Toy Pony, D41, $650 (Watercolor, 12.5" x 21.5")

    295 – Still Life with Toy Pony, D41, $650 (Watercolor, 12.5″ x 21.5″)
    In this version of “Still Life with Toy Pony”, I was interested in creating a quiet, evening light. The objects, which I consider surrogates for siblings in my mind, are close together as if lending each other mutual support. In spite of their differences, they are linked as one.

  • 294 - Reclamation in Green V2, $650 (Watercolor, 14" x 21.5")

    294 – Reclamation in Green V2, $650 (Watercolor, 14″ x 21.5″)
    My “Reclamation” series is about natural life cycles. It’s about how plants can find a foothold to live in seemingly unlikely places: a crack in the sidewalk; a hole drilled into a rock. The particular subject was a hearty desert plant that had established itself in a hole drilled into a rock. The red alludes to the color of the rock. The green represents the thriving plant life.

  • 293 - Big Shade, Autumn Afternoon, $650 (Watercolor, 12" x 20.5")

    293 – Big Shade, Autumn Afternoon, $650 (Watercolor, 12″ x 20.5″)
    In this painting, my intention is to create the feel of late autumn in an RV park. It’s a warm, quiet afternoon. The subject was an RV park my husband and I stayed at in Albuquerque, NM.

  • 292 - Leaf Bouquet, $450 (Watercolor, 14" x 10.5")

    292 – Leaf Bouquet, $450 (Watercolor, 14″ x 10.5″)
    “Leaf Bouquet” is an experiment in “negative” painting. I focused on painting around shapes, working from light to dark. As the painting grew, it looked like a leaf bouquet to me, complete with ribbon and bow.

  • 291 - Toward the Light, $450 (Watercolor, 11" x 14.5")

    291 – Toward the Light, $450 (Watercolor, 11″ x 14.5″)
    The pieces in my “Reclamation” series are improvisations, as is the case here. I started with the idea of leaf shapes overlapping in depth, from light to dark. As the piece evolved, I started seeing underwater plants reaching gracefully toward the light above.

  • 290 - Feathery Leaves, $450 (Watercolor, 10.5" x 14.5")

    290 – Feathery Leaves, $450 (Watercolor, 10.5″ x 14.5″)
    My “Reclamation Series” is about how things are returned to a natural state. Leaves, in their last burst of color, seem to embody this process for me. In this particular painting, I created depth by painting overlapping feathery leaf shapes. Imagine the richness under the pile of leaves!

  • 287 - Reclamation in Green, $250 (Watercolor, 11.5" x 8.5")

    287 – Reclamation in Green, $250 (Watercolor, 11.5″ x 8.5″)
    “Reclamation in Green” is inspired by the nature of plants to reclaim the environment. The circles allude to a hole drilled into a rock that I saw. I was struck by the tenacity of plants growing out of the drilled hole. It will not be long until the plants reclaim the rock for nature.

  • 286 - MsKitty & Toy Pony in Corporate Ladder Land, $175 (Watercolor, 9.5" x 7")

    286 – MsKitty & Toy Pony in Corporate Ladder Land, $175 (Watercolor, 9.5″ x 7″)
    MsKitty and friend Toy Pony find themselves lost amongst the chaos of “Corporate Ladder Land”. Ladders lead to nowhere. The corporate spiral goes to know-where. There is much activity but nothing getting done. MsKitty and ToyPony connect the dots and escape the land of glass ceilings.

  • 285 - MsKitty & Toy Pony Chill Out $250 (Watercolor, 8.5" x 11")

    285 – MsKitty & Toy Pony Chill Out $250 (Watercolor, 8.5″ x 11″)
    MsKitty & Toy Pony “chill out” on a hot summer day. They’re cool and have had lots of time playing in all sorts of places. Sometimes, you just have to be and let the colors groove.