2013 Watercolor Paintings

  • 437 - Still Life with Toy Pony D25, $650 (Watercolor, 13" x 21")

    437 – Still Life with Toy Pony D25, $650 (Watercolor, 13″ x 21″)
    In design 25 of my Still Life with Toy Pony series, I rearranged the placement of my still life objects. I purposely “flipped them”, with Toy Pony being placed at the left side of the paintings. The order of the other objects, the vase, candlestick and espresso cup, is reversed as well. I wanted to see how the different arrangement effected the composition. I added rings as if the light came from the lit candlestick and tying the objects together.

  • 436 - Toy Pony On a Spiral Night, $450 (Watercolor, 11" x 14")

    436 – Toy Pony On a Spiral Night, $450 (Watercolor, 11″ x 14″)
    I like the grace of spiraling curves. I am fascinated by how often the shape shows up in Nature. I thought it appropriate that my Toy Pony character should visit the land of Spiral Nights. Its a place of dreams and imagination.

  • 435 - Three Broken Shells and a Knot, $450 (Watercolor, 10" x 13")

    435 – Three Broken Shells and a Knot, $450 (Watercolor, 10″ x 13″)
    In this still life painting, I re-visited some of my favorite subjects: broken seashells and a knotted napkin. The folds of the napkin reminded me of waves water which fit my seashell theme. I liked the rhythm of the wave so much I repeated them in the background. The star of the composition is the broken seashell up front with it gracefully curved chambers.

  • 434 - Just Sayin'...V8b, NFS (Watercolor, 21" x 15")

    434 – Just Sayin'…V8b, NFS (Watercolor, 21″ x 15″)
    This painting is based on my eighth drawing in the “Just Sayin'…” series. The inspiration for the series was one of my sisters. I took a photo of her while she was on the phone. I thought, what better expression of our times than a person on a cell phone? And, so the fun began. I like using a modern approach, with a nod to Cubism, in the design. She's a modern person, doing a modern activity.

  • 433 - I Can't Hear You, $450 (Watercolor, 15" x 12")

    433 – I Can't Hear You, $450 (Watercolor, 15″ x 12″)
    This painting was based on my ninth drawing in the “Just Sayin'…” series. I am fascinated by how the use of a cell phone has effected our culture. One of the more amusing gestures I notice is the finger put to the ear in order to hear better. In this painting, my thoroughly modern lady is talking on her cell phone, using the thoroughly modern gesture of finger to her ear.

  • 432 - Just Sayin'...V8, $175 (Watercolor, 10.5" x 7")

    432 – Just Sayin'…V8, $175 (Watercolor, 10.5″ x 7″)
    The “Just Sayin'…” series of paintings is inspired by the ubiquitous cell phone. One can scarcely be in public without noticing someone talking on the cell phone and overhearing the conversation. In this variation, my subject is an “upscale” lady, perhaps dressed for a special occasion like afternoon tea. Even she has a finger to her ear as she talks on her cell phone.

  • 416 - Lighthouse, D12, $175 (Watercolor, 10" x 6")

    416 – Lighthouse, D12, $175 (Watercolor, 10″ x 6″)
    This painting was based on the 12th drawing I did of the local lighthouse. I imagined the lighthouse as a beacon in the night…perhaps during a strong storm when things seem to go sideways. Inspired by Cubism, I fractured and played with the lighthouse shapes just for fun.

  • 415 - Still Life with Toy Pony, v39b, $650 (Watercolor, 12" x 21")

    415 – Still Life with Toy Pony, v39b, $650 (Watercolor, 12″ x 21″)
    In this variation on the “Still Life with Toy Pony” theme, I was interested in simple, bold geometric shapes. My intention was to create movement in this otherwise static arrangement through a diagonal flow to the light and dark pattern. When I look at this painting, I see a cool, formal modern design. Yet, the warm, shifting colors suggest to me that perhaps there is more going on. Any moment now, Toy Pony will twist, turn and leap across the still life!