2016 Watercolor Paintings

  • 474 - The Local Coffee Kiosk, $450 (Watercolor, 11" x 15")

    474 – The Local Coffee Kiosk, $450 (Watercolor, 11″ x 15″)
    In this painting, I decided to work with a limited pallete of muted blue and orange. The painting was started as a demonstration piece for a local art society. I used a local coffee kiosk as subject because I like the simple architecture. And, I like espresso.

  • 459 - Angel of the Deep, NFS (Watercolor, 9.25" x 6")

    459 – Angel of the Deep, NFS (Watercolor, 9.25″ x 6″)
    If there are mermaids, are there mer-angels? I like to imagine such fantastical figures as being angels of the plants and animals of our deep, underwater world.

  • 458 - Irish Breakfast Tea, $650 (Watercolor, 14" x 21")

    458 – Irish Breakfast Tea, $650 (Watercolor, 14″ x 21″)
    The shape of this tea cup is inspired by one that my Mother gave me. I have always wanted to use it in a painting. I was playing with ideas about myth and symbols and thought I'd incorporate them with my tea cup. The three shamrocks are easy to recognize as as symbol for good luck. Spirals are a personal favorite and are included often in my designs. The triple spiral, or “triskel”, an ancient pre-Celtic symbol for unity of mind, spirit, body (or earth, sky and water) seemed natural to include. To top of the design, I added some strips of Celtic knot; much to contemplate over a cup of Irish breakfast tea!

  • 457 - Organic Grind Coffee Shack, $650 (Watercolor, 14" x 21.5")

    457 – Organic Grind Coffee Shack, $650 (Watercolor, 14″ x 21.5″)
    I started this painting as a watercolor and ink demonstration piece for an art organization. It features a local coffee shack called “Organic Grind”. I pass by this coffee kiosk frequently as I do my morning exercise. I'm always impressed by the number of people stopping by to get coffee – at all times of the day! Its one of my favorite places in Talent, OR.

  • 456 - Irish Maiden, $175 (Watercolor, 10" x 7")

    456 – Irish Maiden, $175 (Watercolor, 10″ x 7″)
    When creating the design for “Irish Maiden” I had a great time researching Irish myth and symbol. The clover leaf, or shamrock, is an easily recognized symbol for good luck. For the maiden's headband, I incorporated a “triskel” or triple spiral, symbolizing unit of mind, body and spirit. I braided her red hair as a nod to the beauty of Celtic knots and braids. Naturally, green needed to be the dominant color after all Ireland is the “Emerald Isle”.