2017 Watercolor Paintings

  • 478 - Hang Up & Talk To Us, $650 (Watercolor, 15.5" x 29")

    478 – Hang Up & Talk To Us, $650 (Watercolor, 15.5″ x 29″)
    Another painting in my “Coffee Shop Conversations” series. I'm exploring the theme of cell phones intruding into our people to people social interactions. In this version, the woman closest to the viewer is distracted by text messaging; her friends at the table wish she might hang up the phone and talk to them.

  • 477 - Hang Up & Read Me A Story, $650 (Watercolor, 21" x 14")

    477 – Hang Up & Read Me A Story, $650 (Watercolor, 21″ x 14″)
    This painting is dedicated to librarians everywhere and patrons of libraries. The narrative of this painting was inspired by a conversation I had with my second cousin, Ms. Ann Sheldon, a librarian. The idea is that the child wants the grown up to get off the cell phone and read her a story. From a book. Because its just so much more fun.

  • 476 - Man on the Bench, $650 (Watercolor, 18" x 14")

    476 – Man on the Bench, $650 (Watercolor, 18″ x 14″)
    The “Man on A Bench” was started as a demonstration piece for the Watercolor Society of Oregon. I was one of three artists challenged to create a figure painting from a photograph. The photo we used was taken by artist Chris Stubbs. I simplified my subject, focusing on the big shape of the sitting gentleman.

  • 475 - Considering Kandinsky, $650 (Watercolor, 14" x 20.5")

    475 – Considering Kandinsky, $650 (Watercolor, 14″ x 20.5″)
    As I was working my “Man on A Bench” series, I started wondering what this man was doing as he stared off into space. And, then, I imagined him being like me – thinking about art and artists. The artist Vassily Kandinsky came to mind and that was it! The circles and triangles were a fun addition to this painting of the “Man On A Bench”.