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I’m a lifelong student of visual artist John H. Stermer, my father (see biography at Drawing and painting since childhood, my training has largely been through observation, practice and discussions with my father. Composition, form and color dominated the discussions. While painting, I was encouraged to observe, experiment and draw, draw, then draw some more. My mother, Lucianna Stermer, contributed a sense of humor to drawing. The result is a style that, I believe, is truly “of its own kind”.

Most recently, (2020-2024) I began studying drawing and painting through The Art Students League of New York’s e-telier (online class). Prior to that, I took classes and workshops with locally and nationally known instructors.

I’m a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society and Montana Watercolor Society. I am also a silver member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and an associate of the National Watercolor Society.


My favorite subject is my imagination. I like to take images that I see in life and re-arrange them in a personal way. I purposely begin many paintings with random bursts of colors so I will not try to be strictly realistic. Then, I enjoy the challenge of bringing my imagination and the subject together in order to create a work that looks right or complete to me.

Margaret Stermer-Cox


The major influence in my art is, of course, my father, John Stermer.  To explore the origins of my art, visit his web site at:

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