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Margaret Stermer-Cox: Watercolor & Ink Demo Part One
Margaret Stermer-Cox Watercolor and Ink Demo Part Two

Rogue Valley Manor Presentation

About the Video

This is a video of an art show presentation I gave on 1 July, 2015 to the residents of the Rogue Valley Manor (RVM).  Location was the Deschutes Gallery, Skyline Plaza Building.

In this video, I give the audience a brief outline of my background, including such classical influences as Picasso and Pogo.  Then, I talk about my watercolor studies and work. I focus my discussion on composing with color, light and shape.  The art show collection includes my “Toy Pony”, “MsKitty” and “Just Sayin’…” series of paintings.

Art Show Thank You’s

Thank you to Mr. Dick Warren (Art Committee, Deschutes Gallery, Rogue Valley Manor) for inviting me to show my work at the Rogue Valley Manor, Deschutes Gallery (Skyline Plaza).

Thank you to Mr. Bill Coleman and Mr. Warren for hanging the art show.

Thanks to my aunt Mary Thornton for her enthusiasm, inspiration and for introducing me to the Deschutes Gallery.

Thanks to my husband Robert for helping me prepare and photographing the presentation.

Rogue Valley Manor Presentation

I’d like to show a few photos from “hanging day”.  Mr. Warren, Mr. Coleman, Robert, Aunt Mary, and I made quick work of hanging 27 paintings.  My job was attaching title cards to the correct paintings.

Art Show at Deschutes Gallery, Rogue Valley Manor

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