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Hello! And welcome to my online gallery!

I’m Margaret Stermer-Cox and I’m a watercolor painter, among other things.  I’ve been studying drawing and painting from an early age and am greatly influenced by my father, John Stermer.  After retiring in 2001, I began full-time work as an artist (interrupted by various sojourns around the United States).

I continue to grow and evolve every day and have a blog to share my art and experiences.  You are welcome to join me.  After you peruse the galleries, of course!

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Colored Pencil

Colored Pencil

Mixed Media

Mixed Media





Linoleum Block

Linoleum Block


Let's talk art! Join Peggy on her blog! Let’s talk art! Join Peggy on her blog!
Visit Peggy's father's web site. See the influence. Visit Peggy’s father’s web site. See the influence.


If you would like to own one of her unique works of art, please, make note of the inventory number and title when viewing images of the piece, then contact us using the “Contact Me” page and include the inventory number and/or complete title.

All works are unframed. There is a flat shipping fee to the Lower 48 states of $20 applied to each purchase.  All other shipping cost will be negotiated.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express through PayPal.

We also offer three lay away plans. Although each plan requires a down payment, there are no lay away charges. Shipping and handling charges are not included in the plans. We retain the art work until all down payments, installments, and shipping and handling charges have been paid in full. After receipt of the down payment, we will bill you for your regular installments. Layaway’s may be cancelled at any time subject to the cancellation charges below.

Drawing Mt Shasta (California) from Grizzly Peak in Southern Oregon. Drawing Mt Shasta (California) from Grizzly Peak in Southern Oregon.

Installment Plans

Plan (Days) Down Payment Installments Cancellation Charge
30 1/3 of GSP* 2/3 -30 Days 10% of GSP
60 30% of GSP 35% /Month 20% of GSP
90 40% of GSP 20% /Month 30% of GSP

*Gross Sales Price

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Earliest known Stermer-Cox!

Oldest Know Margaret Stermer-Cox painting.

This is the oldest known Margaret Stermer-Cox painting in existence. This wonderful, rare masterpiece was discovered amongst many a dusty painting in storage container in Silver City, New Mexico.

Using archival crayons on high-quality grocery bag, Peggy captured the mood and feel of riding one’s horse on a beautiful day. Placing the glowing sun in the upper left corner, she then fills the rest of the page with the excitement of a proud steed, held in check by Peggy as she gallops around the New Mexico landscape.

Bold lines of the pony contrast with the vibrant sun. Earthy and naturalistic, this original uses asymmetry to influence the negative space encompassing the action. Strong, flowing lines create curvaceousness that implicate movement. The addition of some sprays of water gives an “other world” appearance – indeed a bold addition from such a young painter.

This original toy pony painting is available for $25,000.

Cheap at twice the price.


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