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Earliest known Stermer-Cox!

Oldest Know Margaret Stermer-Cox painting.

This is the oldest known Margaret Stermer-Cox painting in existence.  This wonderful, rare masterpiece was discovered amongst many a dusty painting in storage container in Silver City, New Mexico.

Using archival crayons on high-quality grocery bag, Peggy captured the mood and feel of riding one’s horse on a beautiful day.  Placing the glowing sun in the upper left corner, she then fills the rest of the page with the excitement of a proud steed, held in check by Peggy as she gallops around the New Mexico landscape.

Bold lines of the pony contrast with the vibrant sun.  Earthy and naturalistic, this original uses asymmetry to influence the negative space encompassing the action.  Strong, flowing lines create curvaceousness that implicate movement.  The addition of some sprays of water gives an “other world” appearance – indeed a bold addition from such a young painter.

This original toy pony painting is available for $25,000.

Cheap at twice the price.






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